Listening, Learning, Living Everyday!

About Madeline Lund

Ideas about life, family, friends and the curious wonderful world we live in.

I’m a life-long learner, curious about nearly everything.  With good listening skills and easy, gentle humor I try to see thing positively most of the time.  I am a person of strong faith and strive daily to live out that faith.

I love to teach and train–it is like the air I breathe!–have to have it somehow, someway!

Professionally, I have developed classes, seminars and workshops on a variety of topics.  Most of my career was spent in the nonprofit sector.  I’ve also managed small businesses.  The best part of work is doing it together!    2012 is a year for  transformation and growth–again!  It’s a good thing I love to learn……

Part of the “sandwich generation”, I am the primary care giver for elderly parent(s) and the happy grandmother of the most charming, intelligent child on the planet!  (Over the top?)

I learned the hard way the challenge of caring for older adults and have a wealth of  knowledge and experience with  end of life care decision-making, medical power of attorney health management, long-term care needs and placement and much more! This hard-won expertise is gladly shared with anyone who asks.  Not only am I ready to listen–I’m ready to help!

With my large family I enjoy travel, trying new recipes and watching old movies


One thought on “About Madeline Lund

  1. Madeline,
    It’s time to re-do this page.
    You’re no longer an insurance agent but I think you would be a splendid senior citizen consultant (in your spare time). I can’t imagine anyone who would know more about retirement homes and/or taking care of parents as they age.
    Just a thought. Change this page and offer your valuable services.

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